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Stina Stjern - new single 'Nuussuaq'

We'll start the week in Norway and with Stina Stjern, another artist we haven't featured before and who has released a fascinating single entitled 'Nuussuaq'. Now clearly we've featured a wealth of talented singer songwriters, but Stjern offers something different - yes, there is still a distinct and gorgeous 'Nordic' vocal, but there an individualism here, with a vocalist not afraid to explore her psychedelic indie influences.

There are so many elements of this track that I like. Firstly we're offered an unusual opening which doesn't quite fit into the '3 second intro' guidance that most tracks seem to confirm to, and then the track builds through sparse instrumentation, before the track sweeps into the most idyllic and also quirky chorus line, which after some searching through the back of my mind, reminds me of the totally unknown but lovely track 'Largelife' by British psychedelic pop band 'Lake of Puppies'.

The track is named after an area in Nuuk, Greenland, where Stjern rented an apartment once - not the 1st time that she's written of her Greenland connections. Her forthcoming album explores 'loneliness', whether it be in New York City or the isolation of Greenland, dealing with her experiences of moving to the U.S. to write music compared to her Grandfather who moved to Greenland to become a hunter.

I'm really excited to hear the album 'Kap Herschell' when it comes out, and we'll do our very best to cover it at Nordic Music Review.

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