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Lake Jons - new single 'Breathe Out the Fumes'

We've slightly neglected Finland of late, and promise we'll do some digging around ourselves to make sure we haven't missed too much, but one particularly interesting Finnish track which has found its way to us comes from Helsinki trio 'Lake Jons'. 'Breathe Out the Fumes' comes from their debut album which is due for release on January 18th 2018, and possibly the earliest New Year Nordic album release that we're currently aware of.

'Lake Jons' are a band that we've been aware of for sometime, but never had chance to feature. They were formed back in 2014, and previous singles have had some great coverage on music websites, and they've had some impressive live reviews too. Describing them is actually pretty difficult, which shows they probably have fairly eclectic influences, but there are folk, electronic, psychedelic and rock sounds all mixed up within 'Breathe Out the Fumes', and I love the weight of the rhythmic sounds, which keep the track flowing forward really quickly.

This is 'Breathe Out the Fumes'

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