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Minula - single 'Breeding Grounds' from new album 'Lovelust'

As ever we have a backlog, but we'll do our best to wrap up everything before Christmas and the inevitably of our Album of the Year list - traditionally published between Christmas and New Year, unlike some publications who worryingly seem to have done theirs already. One band with a late into the year Album release has been Norwegian band 'Minula'. and whilst we don't have time for a full review, I hope some of you find time to check it out for yourselves, because those of you who like bands such as 'Mew' will probably find this really interesting.

So Minula are from Trondeim, they're a 5 piece band, and their debut album referred to is entitled 'Lovelust'. It was released just last week, and leading up to that they released single 'Breeding Grounds'. I liked this from the start, it was that opening which reminded me of Mew, but the staccato twangy guitars give it a confidence and distinctness, whilst the vocals have that hint of mournful melancholy, which works pretty well too. The offbeat instrumental section in the middle appeals to the side of me that likes slightly unusual rock projects, but actually the catchy style of melody should appeal to most, and I really like the way the track is left 'hanging' at the end.

Take a listen to 'Breeding Grounds' here:

Actually 'Breeding Grounds' is slightly darker than many of the other tracks on the album, the highlights of which include the upbeat high tempo 'Quarantine' and the melodic 'Memories', with another really strong twangy instrumental section which sounds great if you turn your speakers up really loud. Anyway, we hope you'll give Minula a try, with a mix of catchy melodic tunes and an edgy and precise rock accompaniment, this might appeal to quite a few of you out there.

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