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Alcabean - new single 'Bloody Pose'

We were going to try and get to this before our final break of the year, so apologies for being a few days late, but we think everyone will like this track from Danish noise fuzz outfit 'Alcabean' entitled 'Blood Pose', which was released on 1st December.

This is another band we haven't featured before, and that's somewhat of a pity, because their 2016 debut EP 'Real Time Fiction' is a broody noise filled indie rock success with more than a hint of The Smashing Pumpkins. Their new track 'Bloody Pose' opens with a barrage of guitar noise, but actually it's the melodic pleading vocals of Victor Schack that then become the highlight. The track drives forward at real pace, and I love the combination of guitars and vocals, which all bode well for their new EP which is due to be released in 2018.

Take a listen and watch the video to 'Bloody Pose' here:

Alcabean have been getting some great coverage on some pretty establish music websites, so their new EP is definitely one to look out for in the new year, and don't forget their old EP 'Real Time Fiction' is still worth checking out on streaming services if you have chance.

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