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Natalie Migdal: new single 'Open Your Eyes'

We featured Natalie Migdal a couple of months back when she released her debut single. The Swedish singer songwriter had released a charming track entitled 'I've Run out of Words', one of the highlights of which was the lovely string arrangements, understandable given that Migdal herself set up Stockholm string collective Migdal Strings.

It was the 1st of 3 planned single releases before Christmas, so we're delighted to bring you the third, entitled 'Open Your Eyes', it writes of being able to take positive steps forward after breaking free of someone who hasn't treated you well. Once again I really like the songwriting here, there's a delicacy and precision in every note and vocal lyric, and there's a beautifully created middle section of instrumental strings and guitar which weaves intricate patterns, but all with a positive and uplifting feel, as if running through a Spring meadow in the first evenings of the sunshine that follows the dark nights.

Whilst 'I've Run Out of Words' appealed to me instantly, this track has taken more time, but there is real depth in the musical arrangements that do grow, and Natalie Migdal is a really welcome addition to our collection of Nordic singer songwriters that we've featured in the last year, because she does offer something slightly different,

Take a listen to 'Open Your Eyes' here:

So along with 'All the Way Home', the 2nd track she released, you have a lovely mini-EP's worth of Natalie Migdal's songwriting to put on a playlist and listen to in depth, and we'll be sure to give you an update next year when we have more information on what she plans next.

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