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  • Writer's pictureAndy Wors with track 'midtide' (from album 'wat.r is free')

We have an interesting collection of tracks and albums to take us up to Christmas Eve, then we'll take a break for a few days before returning with our Albums of the Year list, traditionally released around New Years Eve. We'll start the process rolling with a Danish artist who is part of an unusual Danish / Jutland collective called ''.

So '' are a trio of artists / musicians, their production of visual art is central to their work, and initially they started out as a clothing brand. They've now released 5 tracks in the run up to an album release due on the 22nd December entitled 'wat.r is free'. It's a an eclectic mix of tracks based around electronic neo-folk and trip hop, but inspired by ancient Scandinavian hymns, with the collective focus on gender and narcissism in their art.

The track that particularly appealed to me is 'midtide', which just has this natural organic feel, a simplicity in sound which works, combined with plaintive vocals and lyrics which you really need to re-listen to and consider. There's an emotion there too which peeks through the surface of the song, and I think that's what has really drawn me in. The video which goes with it is such a simple concept, filmed in New York without any consideration of it being used as music video, and certainly makes me consider whether when we spend all our time staring at electronic gadgets, whether they're actually just staring at us.

Watch the video here:

The full album 'wat.r is free' is due to be released next week, for further details please follow the links below.

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