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Introducing... Moni Kira - with video 'Forgotten Fred'

Last month we featured a lovely piano composition by Swedish musician 'Klangriket', and in that feature we mentioned another project he was involved with called 'Moni Kira', promising to return to them at a later date. We're delighted to do so now, partly due to the release of a very clever video entitled 'Forgotten Fred', but also to point you in the direction of all their released material thus far.

So to introduce you 'Moni Kira' coimprise 3 musicians, Fabian Rosenberg (whom you know of already through Klangriket), Elin Björklund and Antonio Charry, and their music broadly focuses around quite a stripped back collection of instruments, piano, guitar and trumpet - in addition to the vocals. In terms of their sound they write melancholy dreamy tracks, which take influences from folk, jazz, pop and the classical sphere, and rather like bands we've featured such as the lovely 'Tuvaband' you'll find yourself floating away with the dreamy vocals and thoughtful instrumentation.

Previous released tracks include 'Stay' (listen out for the lovely trumpet solo), and also the acoustic guitar based 'The Tide', but today we wanted to highlight in particular the new video which they've released in the last 2 weeks entitled 'Forgotten Fred', which is not only their best track yet, but has one of the the cleverest of videos you'll see this year. I love the considered way that all the instruments are used, firstly the piano and trumpet, followed by guitar and a violin too, there is a lovely thoughtful musicianship that carries the track forward.

The video is pretty mesmerizing you wont be able to switch it off half way I promise you:

Moni Kira have completed a couple of tours to accompany their releases, so please keep an eye on their Facebook page, especially if you are Swedish based. They will be releasing an EP in 2018.

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