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Remedies - new single 'Precious Disease'

We've started the new year with 2 EP reviews of artists from very different genres, and we do want to try and reflect the diversity in Nordic music as much as possible over the next 12 months, as well as supporting new artists releasing their first material. In September last year we covered new Norwegian duo 'Remedies', when they released their catchy debut 'High As The Moon', and they've now followed that up with a single entitled 'Precious Disease', another song which demonstrates their ability to write songs with big melodies.

'Precious Disease' is another track with big ambitions, and stick with it, because this is a song which really builds dynamically and in the emotional intensity as you get into it. I particularly like the instrumental section with a lovely flowing piano contribution, and although this isn't a big budget production, I do think this duo have something in their songwriting which demonstrates a really strong musical imagination - especially in their desire to 'go large' with their songs.

Take a listen to 'Precious Disease' here:

We'll continue the focus on new Nordic artists this weekend with 2 more brand new bands who are releasing debut material, and we'll try to get you a 'Remedies' update later in 2018.

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