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Select Captain - new single (ft Soluna Samay) 'Miles Apart'

As I keep mentioning, we're trying to shift the focus back to more Albums and EPs, but we've done pretty well this week so far, so we're delighted to highlight a new Select Captain single release today, and it also gives us an opportunity to write a few words about an album we missed last year.

Select Captain is no stranger to this website as we've featured him a few times before, and yesterday he released the 3rd single in advance of new album, which should be ready around September. He's already released ‘Straight No Chaser’ and ‘If I Should Go’, and the new single 'Miles Apart' features Soluna Samay, the Danish singer songwriter who first came to prominence when she represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year she released a lovely album entitled 'Golden', which I really enjoyed listening to yesterday, and which can easily be found on streaming services and Itunes - please try and check it out if you can.

The single charts the strains of a long distance relationship, and it is an elegant bit of writing, the highlight being the soft thoughtful harmonies between Kristian Gaarskjær and Samay, and there is warmth too, which makes the song feel convincing and real. It is simply a really nice song, typical of Select Captain, who retains the ability to write reassuring and melodic songs.

This is 'Miles Apart', which is released through Soundchest Records:

We'll try and cover the album when it's released in September, and we will try and cover Soluna Samay again too, as we hear rumours of a possible EP release sometime this year.

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