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reSouza with debut single 'Your Melody'

Barely a week goes by without us mentioning an artist from Bergen, which remains a city apparently packed full of talented musicians, and constantly reminding me that I need to visit there at some point. The latest singer songwriter that we're delighted to feature is the Norwegian / Brazilian artist reSouza, who has just released her debut single 'Your Melody', a pre-cursor to an EP release which is planned for March.

'reSouza' has only played her first concert under that name in the last few months, and part of the strength of the project is clearly the group of talented musicians that she's gathered around her - Hilde Toresdatter Tangen, Eline Rafteseth, May Frida Bosch and Thea Steinmo Hernæs. This gives her music a rich texture, and combined with her influences taken from both Norwegian folk and Brazilian Bossa nova, there is an interesting mix of sounds.

The debut single is entitled 'Your Melody', and it's carried along by an intricate flowing guitar, but it's reSouza's voice which really stands out, elegant, soft and beautifully pure. I like the vocal harmonies, and the contributions from her fellow musicians are controlled and always musical - just listen to the way they build dynamically, using the full range of their instruments.

There is a video to 'Your Melody', which you can watch here:

The debut reSouza EP was recorded at Broen studio and will be released the 16th of March. The next single will be released the 16th of February, and a split tour with the artist Camilo Beltran is planned for May and June 2018.

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