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The Ghost of Helags - new single 'Anthem (We Came from the Stars)'

Well we've finally managed to get an Album review out there, sorry for the delay, and it gives us chance to cover 2 more recent releases, starting with a startlingly good track from Swedish (via Berlin) duo 'The Ghost of Helags'. This is another band we've not featured before, but previous releases have resulted in some lovely coverage on different websites around the world, and there's no reason why their new track 'Anthem (We Came from the Stars)' should be anything different.

Their music is a delicate ambient electronic pop, and listening to their music it's not surprising that they appear to shun the limelight, not speaking on stage and joining the long queue of Scandinavian musicians who prefer to write their music whilst locked away in that famous Swedish log cabin somewhere deep in the forests. Straight from the start of 'Anthem (We Came from the Stars)' you can hear that desire for separation from the clamour of the world, a beautiful string quartet and a soft pure vocal performance, before the track develops and crescendos with a hypnotic trance like intensity to a climax, before it softens again, ending with that lovely string quartet at the forefront.

This is 'Anthem (We Came from the Stars)':

This is such a beautifully written song, and we look forward to further releases from this duo:

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