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Eyemouth - single 'Altered' (from debut album 'A Newly Planted Grain')

So hopefully we're starting to get back on track, and we have releases from Lars Jakob Rudjord, Mantaray and Logans Runners to come shortly, but for now another single from a new album release, the debut from Swedish industrial synth band 'Eyemouth'. This is a band who've released some pretty interesting stuff over the last couple of years, with a steady stream of EP's behind them, and now they've released a full album of material - which is entitled 'A Newly Planted Grain', and which was released on digital formats at the end of last year.

The whole album is definitely worth checking out, especially if you like dark electronic style music, which this undoubtedly is - deep gothic style vocals, accompanied by a constant whirl of electronica and assorted instruments. The track which we want to particularly point your attention towards is the single 'Altered', which is a barnstorming 2 mins 40 of dark pop. I love the opening in particular, with 2 great musical themes to introduce the track and the chorus is just outrageously catchy. Just under 3 minutes, and perfect for any playlist.

I'm still getting to grips with all aspects of the full album, 12 tracks in all, but there are some obvious highlights. 'From a Whisper to a Scream' has a throbbing intensity to it, whilst 'The Legacy of Nature' is another track with a good tempo to it, the vocals with a hint of 'Sisters of Mercy', and the howling instruments offer a suitable accompaniment. Concluding track 'An Open Door for Sorrow' shows a different

side to the band, with a melodic track with a more positive feel, and a more optimistic way to conclude the album.

This is 'Altered':

OK so the whole album might not be to everyone's taste, but surely 'Altered' in particular should be appreciated by everyone, and 'Eyemouth' offer a distinct and interesting sound that sets them apart from many of the bands we've featured on our website, and we hope you'll give 'A Newly Planted Grain' a try.

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