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Live: Åkervinda at The Bridewell Theatre, London

We haven't had that much spare time to cover live performances in the UK, so we're delighted to give a mention to a series of performances by Åkervinda, the Scandinavian quartet who provide beautiful modern interpretations of traditional folk songs. They will be performing alongside the British Sephardic band Sefiroth.

There are 3 performances taking places as part of the Marchland season taking place at the Bridewell Theatre:

Thurs 1st March 7:30pm,

Fri 2nd March 1:15pm,

Sat 3rd March 2:00pm

This is Åkervinda performing their version of 'Ack Ack', the story of a woman who has a choice of any man she wants.

For more details of the performances please visit the following link:

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