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Introducing.... 'Lime' with single 'Cliche'

Just one short feature tonight, an introduction to a project which were first formed almost 14 years ago, but never quite emerged from the shadows. 'Lime' comprise of 2 Swedish brothers, Rickard and Niklas Kolberg who, after being featured on a compilation album, somehow managed to get themselves a gig at an Argentinian music festival. Finding out last minute that the festival was electronic and not rock, they adapted their guitar based tracks to fit in with the other artists performing, and the result was 'Cliche' (and some other material), a really clever and interesting track that fuses sounds from across genres.

Anyway the good news is that 'Lime' are working on new material, and in advance of releasing their new songs, they've sort of re-released 'Cliche', and it's been getting a pretty good reaction. I guess the blend of genres reminds me vaguely of the some of the early 'Ceasetone' tracks we featured all that time ago (such as 'Full Circle'), and after all their music has developed pretty well, so I'll be interested to see what Lime manage to come up with next.

The track has a melancholy quality to it, and the highlight for me are the emerging harmonies that gradually build up as the track progresses, courtesy of Magdalena Dahlgren's vocals, it really gives it an intensity - keep listening all the way through. This is 'Cliche' by 'Lime':

We look forward to brand new 'Lime' material later in the year, and there are some other 'lost but now found' Lime tracks on Soundcloud too. You can also them on both Facebook and Twitter.

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