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Natalie Beabella - single ' Cold Winter' (feat Emilia Amper)

We like to feature contrasts in musical styles, so after the blistering guitars from Norways 'Speilbergs' yesterday it feels only right that we should switch momentum completely to an artist from a very different musical background. Natalie Beabella is Argentinian born, moving to Sweden 15 years ago, and the musicians she has working with her are a transatlantic collection of talent and influences.

Her new track 'Cold Winter' is a folk ballad that uses 2 traditional folk instruments from across continents - the Swedish keyed fiddle (played by world keyed fiddle champion Emilia Amper) and the Argentinian bandoneon (played by Belen Roman). This track has a fascinating musical texture due to the use of those 2 instruments, I've never quite heard anything like it, but through it all we're offered the most beautiful melodic passages, mainly played out by the keyed fiddle (i think). Vocally Natalie Beabella has this lovely engaging quality in her voice, and rhythmically the song too has a flowing lilt to it - you can tell that she trained as a jazz singer when she was younger.

Lyrically the song charts the period in her life when first she first moved to Sweden, dealing with a period in her life when she confronted darkness inside her life - it's pretty powerful, but the music never feels overly dark.

Watch the video to 'Cold Winter' here:

There is a fascinating blend of musical styles in Natalie Beabella's writing, which makes it interesting and very different from anything else we've heard. We look forward to future releases.

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