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Kalifornia - new single 'Dear Diane'

We like to keep varying the styles of music we feature, so if Stíne Norse was a bit too ambient for your liking, we'll try something slightly different, through a more 'traditional' sounding rock band in Norwegian group 'Kalifornia'.

So 'Kalifornia' are yet another band from near Bergen, and they first came to prominence in 2016 when they released a 3 track EP entitled 'The Coast', and since then they've been working hard on a longer version follow up, the result of which we'll hear on April 13th when they release the album 'Views from the Coast'.

'Dear Diane' is the new single from the forthcoming album, and I like this simply because of the big melody, and a pretty simple ambition to make tuneful rock. The guitars chug their way nicely through the verse, before we're offered an anthemic chorus and a big climax builds towards the end with guitars and vocal harmonies. It all works pretty well.

OK so for those Bergen music aficionados, this is doesn't have the brilliant complexity of Major Parkinson, or have the poetic charm of reSouza, but 'Dear Diane' is a well written melodic song from 'Kalifornia', and goes straight on to my favourite new music playlist. We look forward to hearing the album when it comes out in a few weeks.

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