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'In Deed' - single, video and UK dates!!

We've been meaning to do an update on Swedish band 'In Deed' for a couple of weeks now, because shortly after our review of their album 'Everest' which we published in January we heard news of some UK dates. If you missed our review back then, well they're a band who write infectious and irresistible Indie Pop tracks, with big melodies, and their album has a number of highlights which include the 60's influenced 'Don't Need, Don't Care' and the more folk orientated 'Five Times A Day'.

Anyway as for those live dates, well there are 3, and they've managed to find themselves some really great little venues. They start off in Manchester on the 28th March with a gig at the Aatma, which is a brilliant small venue (although it takes some finding - if you spot some confused Swedes wandering down alleyways in the Northern Quarter next Wednesday afternoon that'll be them...), then they head to the always excellent Dublin Castle in London on the 29th, still one of my favourite venues for new Indie bands and finish back up in Liverpool at the Zanzibar Club on Friday 30th.

There's also a couple of band updates too. Firstly they've released a single version of 'Heart Attack', perfectly timed ahead of their UK tour given that to me it's their song which has the biggest Britpop influence. And they also released a video to 'Don't Need, Don't Care' a few weeks back too, take a look here:

We're hoping that we can get to the Manchester gig, and they're all great independent venues with some other good bands playing too, so please try and get along if you can.

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