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Klangriket - new track 'Koltrast'

Somehow when i first listened to 'Klangriket's' short new composition 'Koltrast' I'd got my home speakers on so loud that everyone in the street must have heard the opening chords, but as I established when i listened to his previous release 'The Amsterdam Sessions' (written with Sjors Mans), that's actually the only way to listen to his music, as whilst it is appears simple in design and soft on the ear, it needs to be listened to at a pretty big volume in order to appreciate it's true subtleties.

'Koltrast' is a fragment of music, but therein lies its beauty. It was written by 'Klangriket' as he remembered the birds singing at his grand fathers funeral, and actually having a short composition feels appropriate - a long lasting but always fleeting memory perhaps. Once again his composition takes us inside the inner workings of the piano, and again I'm reminded of some of the textures of sound in Chistian Gabel's '1900' releases. It is a lovely 1 minutes 20 of music.

Take a listen to 'Koltrast' here:

There's now a fair collection of compositions on streaming services by 'Klangriket', perfect to make a playlist of all his music, and for further information please visit the social media pages below.

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