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Dan Olsen - new single 'It Was Only Yesterday'

Straight over to the Faroe Islands now with a lovely track from a singer songwriter we haven't featured before, but who has an international reputation for his music, whilst still retaining an independent feel to his songwriting. Dan Olsen is now based in London, but his journey so far has involved him representing the Faroe Island Under 21's football team, playing in a Champions League qualifier and studying in Australia, before moving to the UK to pursue his music career.

His new release is entitled 'It Was Only Yesterday', and yes it has a commercial edge to the sound, but I like the melancholy feel to it, along with the passion of the vocals. I think the early part of the track sets the scene really well, and it has an easy going melody which will give it appeal too. The vocals work particularly well in the latter stages of the track, where there is a real sensitivity in their delivery.

This is 'It Was Only Yesterday':

For more details on Dan Olsen please visit him in all the following places:

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