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Ghost of Belle Starr - new single 'Girl, We're Going to Die'

We're starting the week with a Danish band we featured in the very dim and distance past, 'Ghost of Belle Starr'. They were actually one of the first new bands we ever featured, when we launched with our '50 New Bands in 50 days' feature, and they then released an excellent self titled EP in 2015, the highlight of which remains 'Sun in My Eyes', partly because it's happily sat on a favourite running playlist for the last 3 years.

Anyway they're back, and they have a slightly new sound, which I rather like. The new single is cheerily entitled 'Girl, We're Going to Die' and it's been getting some excellent coverage in some of our favourite music blogs. Despite the song launching in with the lyrics 'Girl we're going to die today, I can see you don't believe me but it's true', it's actually a really upbeat track with a positive vibe, as they cheerily tell the world of the girl who 'needs no-one'. Their new sounds is quite fresh and easy on the ear, but as always with Ghost of Belle Starr the strength remains in the melodies, and I like the piano hook that accompanies the track too - it's all irresistibly infectious.

This is 'Girl, We're Going to Die':

The even better news is that we're going to get a full album of 'Ghost of Belle Starr' tunes, as this is their debut single from an album entitled 'Forgiveness Flows', which is due out on May 5th. We look forward to hearing it.

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