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Introducing.... 'Ox' with video 'Hidden'

We're always on the look out for original sounding bands that bring together different styles of music, and fuse it together into something which sounds unusual and interesting. And Swedish band 'Ox' have arrived on the scene with their debut single and video released today, the likes of which I really don't think you'll have seen or heard before.

So 'Ox' are are a 4 piece band from Gothenburg, consisting of Ida Gudmundsson (vocals, ukulele), Tone Persdotter (vocals, philicorda, synthesizer), Simon Larsson (synthesizer, beats) and Ragnar Bern (percussion), and I list those because it gives a pretty good idea of the variety of instruments they use - with ukulele and percussion being stand out features of their debut track 'Hidden'. But it also has a fresh, modern feel to it, the combination of ukulele, synthesizer and assorted beats seem to work seamlessly together, and above it all a catchy vocal melody carries the track forward.

The video presents their vision of the band, they describe themselves as writing post apocalyptic pop, and it is a really clever demonstration of what this band are intending to do. It's directed by Simon Hjortek at Magnificent Beast, and you can take a look here:

Anyway for those of you who live in Sweden, Ox play at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg next week on May 4th. Please see their Facebook page for event details.

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