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'Sauropod' - 'I Know Where You've Been' (single)

Our Friday tour of all genres and all Nordic countries takes us quickly to Norway, and a quite excellent single which has just arrived on our virtual doorstep. Sauropod are from Norway, and they're a 3 piece grunge rock band who have made a pretty big impression since they were formed a couple of years back, and are likely to make an even bigger impact going forward, if their new single is anything to go by.

'I Know Where You've Been' has a blistering guitar opening, but I just love the direction this track heads off in, with a catchy vocal melody which makes it instantly likeable, and then enough twists and turns to appeal to everyone who likes punk and progressive rock music, whether it's the likes of their fellow labelmates Sløtface or Major Parkinson. This is so different to anything I've heard recently, the contrasts between thunderous guitars and sugary vocals at the end are just brilliant.

This is 'I Know Where You've Been':

'Sauropod' will release a self titled EP through the excellent Propeller Records, (home to some of our favourite artists Moddi, Frøkedal, Imitating Aeroplanes and many more...) in August, and the good news for UK readers is that they'll be heading over here later this year for some live shows!

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