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'When the World Sleeps' - new single 'Pain'

We're really trying to mix up the music styles today, and we'll be finishing up by heading into the 'neo-classical' world next, but firstly we'll introduce a band that I'm not entirely sure how I should try and define - which in my eyes is a good thing. 'When the World Sleeps' are an alternative rock band from Sweden, but their music is bedded within a 'popular' sounding style which should give them widespread appeal, whilst at the same time clearly having some influences from post punk and post rock genres too.

Anyway they're a 4 piece band, and to date they've released just 3 tracks that I can find. Their debut track released early this year was 'Hurricane', and that was shortly followed by the follow up 'Madness'. 'Pain' has been released this week, and it's a big catchy rock track, the type which would go down equally well on a big festival stage as well as the type of small dingy indie club that I'm more often found frequenting. But actually the reason I like this even more than their previous tracks is that on this there is a hint of melancholy in the vocals in the early stages, whilst the chorus launches into a blistering 'Muse' style melody - and that's clearly a good thing.

Take a listen to 'Pain' here:

OK so this isn't necessarily the style of music that I reach for every night, but this is a darn goodommercially leaning rock track, and it will be interesting to see how 'When the World Sleeps' get on.

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