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'The Golden Leaves' - 'Overexposed' (single)

We'll have to suspend our expected features for this week due to 'unexpected events', but we've just time to drop in a new release from a Norwegian band who I think are going to make a pretty big impression over the next few months. 'The Golden Leaves' are from Trondheim and they're a 5 piece indie rock band who released their debut single ' Higher than Ever 'just a couple of months back.

Their new single released today is entitled 'Overexposed' and it's the 2nd track from a forthcoming EP that will be released early this summer. I really like this, because whilst it starts off in quite a conventional 'rock style', it then launches off in a hugely entertaining direction, and the highlight is firstly just the sound of those guitars, but also the fact that 'The Golden Leaves' have the ability to write darn good melodies, with vocals delivered with aplomb, a sense of swagger and style, and a feeling that they're probably having great fun belting out big rock tunes.

Take a listen to 'Overexposed' here:

Pretty good right? To me it's an irresistibly catchy rock song, and sounds like it's being well received at live performances too. We look forward to hearing 'The Golden Leaves' EP when it comes out, and if we've got space we might even sneak in a review.

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