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'Ludvig the Band' with track 'Descendant'

Apologies for the slight delay on posts for a few days, sometimes stuff gets in the way of writing about lovely music, I wish it didn't, but it does. But we're back with 'vengeance' today, and after being able to announce earlier the amazing news about our collaboration with Major Parkinson and their debut UK gigs, we can now also tell you about the most lovely of tracks from a new name to Nordic Music Review, 'Ludvig the Band'.

'Ludvig the Band' (and I particularly love the name) is a Norwegian project courtesy of singer songwriter Truls Ludvig Johnsen, and whilst he formed the outfit back in 2011 the new released song 'Descendant' is the first official single - and it's released through 'Mother Likes It Records' ahead of an album due in November 2018. Now I just loved this from the very opening bars, it's got beautifully arranged strings, utilised in both a charming and almost decadent way, with a laid back melodic feel, but it all just feels so wonderfully upbeat too.

Take a listen for yourself. This is 'Descendant':

I really like this so much, maybe it's the Friday feeling I have tonight, but it's so full of confidence and character. I like too the genre influences that 'Ludvig the Band' lists, 'orchestrated pop, progressive rock and folk, lo-fi indie' - hey, all my favourite music styles all rolled into one 'band', it's no wonder I fell for it so easily. Vocally there's a hint of the softness of Sufjan Stevens, and the sweeping orchestration naturally reminds me of bands such as Divine Comedy, even if this musically does feel very different.

Anyway November's a fair time to wait, but we have so much great music before then, and some huge gigs to help organise, so the time will fly and it won't be long before we're writing about the album - I'm looking forward to it already.

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