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'NONONO' - Friends (acoustic live at Atlantis Studios Stockholm)

So here's something slightly different. I love listening to different versions of music releases, thinking about how the different interpretations effect the listening experience, and Swedish alternative pop band 'NONONO' have released a really interesting version of their track 'Friends' that I wanted to cover.

Firstly I really like the setting, and the relaxed feel of the recording, as if sitting sitting there is the most relaxed thing in the world. And they're a well established band we haven't really mentioned much, so it's nice to introduce them in a way which doesn't feel overly produced or commercial. But they are a trio that I feel are able to write genuinely emotional music anyway, there is a lovely melancholy lilt to the vocals and expressive musical writing.

So this is their acoustic version of 'Friends', and I think the strength of this is the vocals - of course, it's an unmistakeably catchy track, but I think all bands should release tracks stripped back like this once in a while.

Take a listen to 'Friends' here:

Anyway the good news is that 'NONONO' are well on their way to finishing their second album, and it's due out in the Autumn.

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