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Introducing.... 'Riike Mo' - with debut single 'Desperate'

Our short features on new artists continue with another new name from Sweden, but someone who I think is going to make a really big impression - certainly the positive response he's getting from different music blogs across the world suggests he has something interesting about him. Behind 'Riike Mo' is the singer songwriter Eric Moberg, and he has written, arranged, produced and played on his debut track 'Desperate' - a track which considers the 'fear of looking into your own future and the desire to wanting to be in it.'

So I like this for so many reasons. I was captivated pretty much from the start, the acoustic guitar and then the plaintive vocals offering a lovely melodic line. But the clarity of the vocals gives such emphasis to the lyrics, this is clearly an artist who wants to express himself poetically, and it makes the song thought provoking and honest in its intention. I like the way the musical instrumentation evolves during the track too, with a long instrumental section that I think works really well, and I look forward to hearing future arrangements, as this is clearly a real 'Riike Mo' skill.

Take a listen to 'Desperate' here:

I think this is so individual, and it really leaves me wanting to hear more from 'Riike Mo', particularly with the lavish musical arrangements. We'll definitely keep you updated as soon as find out he's released something else:

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