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'Valmai' - Botany (single from EP 'Magma')

Three more introductions today to artists we've not featured before, and an update from someone we've written about previously. We'll start by heading over to Denmark and 'Valmai', a musician who has made a real impression with her debut track 'Botany' - one of 6 tracks from her debut EP 'Magma'.

'Valmai' is the solo project by Stine Drejer from Denmark (remember the days when people used their own names?), a musician who's been involved in a few projects, but together with co-writer and co-producer William Brinch (and from drummer Andreas Pilgaard and bassist Anton Grøn) they've produced a lovely set of atmospheric tracks in 'Magma' - and which you'll like if you have an appreciation of good singer songwriting, as well as the likes of the Cocteau Twins.

The first thing that strikes me about 'Botany' is the quality of the vocals, they just have this natural and simple pureness, melancholy to an extent, but they have this aura,inviting and gorgeous. As the track builds so does the intensity, layers of sound are added, there's a crescendo of harmonies, and oh my..... the whole effect is pretty mesmerizing. Take a listen to 'Botany' here:


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