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'Star of Heaven' - new track 'Evigt Minne'

I've spent way too much time recently apologising for the lack of content, but normal service will be resumed shortly, whatever 'normal' is. Maybe it's time for a rethink too, who knows. Anyway the one promise I did make at the start of the year was that we'd feature more post rock in 2018, and 'Star of Heaven' are a band we featured back in 2016 when they released their debut album 'Vinter'.

The good news is that they're back, and they have a weighty new song for us to listen and enjoy. It's entitled 'Evigt minne' (which translates to 'Eternal Memory'), and it's inspired by a Russian hymn. Opening with what sounds like a distorted cello (I'm pretty sure I'm right for once), the music then strips right back with a solemn introduction before layers of sound are slowly added - classic post rock, and then the full 6 minutes are used building up with a huge swell of instrumental sound. It's really well constructed, and faithfully maintains that hymnal feel to it - this makes it melancholy and thoughtful sounding.

Anyway, listen to 'Evigt Minne' here;

'Star of Heaven' are a band we'll definitely feature again (assuming we're still here in this form), because I really like their approach to songwriting, so we look forward to hearing their future releases / projects.

Oh and if you like this style of music, try the new album from British band 'Blanket'. Not Nordic in the slightest (they're from Blackpool) but it's pretty brilliant.

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