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Skuldpadda - 'Witches' video and London live dates!

So we'll keep the introductions to new music going with a Swedish band with a very different approach to songwriting than 'Hockney', whom we wrote about earlier. 'Skudpadda' are from Gothenburg and they're a 6 piece band who write expansive and ambitious psycadelic indie-rock, with maybe a hint of post rock and shoegaze influences - although actually their sound is pretty distinct, which keeps it interesting.

They first came to prominence in 2016 when they released their EP 'Honeymoon', and although I wasn't going to write about it, I've really enjoyed listening to it a few times today. It has 4 tracks, and there's some really strong instrumental sections and some sweeping melodic lines too - you can find it on Spotify and other streaming services. I really like 'Ode' in particular.

Anyway they're back with a new song and a video curiously entitled 'Witches'. I say curiously because I've watched the video a couple of times and it's a really good 'story', which has made me think too - no spoilers obviously but it involves a small girl and a huge dog.

I really like their style of music, and the good news for those of you who live in the South East of England is that they'll be playing a few gigs in the London area late July. The only one that I think is officially announced is in Camden at the Fiddlers Elbow on 24th July, but keep an eye out for others on their Facebook page.

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