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Introducing....Mari Sainio with track 'The Silence'

Last week I tried to persuade you that we didn't just feature slightly melancholy and often just sad songs, and this week we'll start the week by heading straight back in the direction of dreamy melancholia. Although actually whilst 'Mari Sainio's new track might be inspired by Sylvia Plath, be called 'The Silence' and be written 'in that style', actually it also has a hugely uplifting feel to it too which should hopefully allow it to appeal to all.

So 'Mari Sanio' is a Finnish neo-classical composer, and her music is more heavily weighted towards the 'ambient' side of things, although that's less apparent in 'The Silence'. Her debut album is written, recorded and ready to be released in August and it is entitled 'Minus 25' - 'I'm fortunate enough to have had a sneak preview of a few of the compositions, and it sounds really good.

But for now we will introduce you to her music with a track which has vocals on it, released just last Friday. 'The Silence' is a stunningly atmospheric song, which opens with haunting vocals, and then a melody takes us way out into the distance in a direction you won't expect, as if being dragged out through space and time. Undoubtedly melancholy in it's opening, it slowly seems to immerse itself in light, and it develops with a hugely emotional and euphoric harmony layered section that is not quite like anything I've heard in a while.

This is an impressive and powerful song, and whilst only a couple of tracks on the album have vocals on them, 'Mari Sainio' is clearly an interesting composer / songwriter, who writes evocative and beautiful soundscapes.

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