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'Crimson Peak' with video 'Mountainside'

We'll stay in Finland for now with a band with a different approach to songwriting to those we've featured over the last 2 days, but play a charming style of folk rock based around pretty big melodies. 'Crimson Peak' are a 6 piece band from Helsinki, and I first made a note of their name when I saw they were playing at the 'Semi-Final' venue back in March - a great place for us to spot up and coming Finnish artists. On this occasion they were also playing with another band we've featured in Nordic Music Review, 'Whale and the Village' - again slightly different styles, but both with a real upbeat folk influenced musicality which I really like.

Anyway 'Crimson Peak' have made a fair impression with their most recent track 'Mountainside', with it featuring quite high up in the Finnish Viral 50 list, and with some radio airplay to go alongside it. I like the song, yes it's distinctly 'folk rock' which might not appeal to all - but Nordic bands such as 'Of Monsters and Men' have been an undeniably big hit outside of their own country, and there are similarities - big tunes, harmonies, instrumentation written with a flourish, and sweeping emotional vocals.

There's a video to go with this, which is the 456th video we've featured in Nordic Music Review, and the 456th filmed in a Norwegian forest. But we're not complaining, we still like Norwegian forests...:

For more info please visit their Facebook page:

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