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'I Am Soyuz' - Appendix 'EP'

So we've got 4 Nordic artists today who all lean more heavily towards folk music in their influences, and we'll try and cover a wide variety of styles, as well as a mix of well established artists and those that haven't yet got as much attention. We'll start off with Swedish based songwriter 'I Am Soyuz', the musical project of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Felicia Bozoky, who writes dreamy and melodic tracks that are very easy to like on first listen.

After getting some impressive reviews and attention previously, with appearances at festivals (inc Airwaves) and 2 single releases, she released her first EP entitled 'Appendix' last week on Midsummers Eve, an appropriate day to release a bright 'summery' selection of tracks - although to balance that, I guess we should point out that means the nights are now officially drawing in towards darkness.

All 3 tracks are worth listening to, 'Alone' being the most obviously attractive song, and the key feature behind all of them are the vocals, which have a soft perfect purity to them, and backed by a variety of instruments (all played by Bozoky herself) which are cleverly arranged, and all add to the bright but also thoughtful atmosphere of the songs. 'Still I Fly' has a slightly more stripped back and reflective feel to it, whilst 'Run Away' is an utterly charming song, which has some lovely musical touches courtesy of a glockenspiel (assuming I'm not making my normal glockenspiel / xylophone mix up).

This is 'Alone':

So hopefully a few of you have spotted this before you leave work tonight, and if you have download it and listen to it on the way home, 'Appendix' is the perfect way to escape the stresses of the week and head off for your sun soaked weekend.

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