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Sunday Non Nordic Indie: 'Fanclub' with 'Leaves'

So to switch things around slightly we'll be breaking up the week by offering the occasional non Nordic song on a Sunday, but the proviso has to be that any bands / artists featured will have to true indie musicians, not signed to any bigger labels.

'Fanclub' are a brand new band from Austin, Texas, and they write a brand of cute indie pop which reminds me of bands like 'The School', but they undoubtedly have a shoegaze leaning too, listing bands such as 'Ride' and the excellent 'Slowdive' as influences. I love the long intro to their debut song 'Leaves' firstly because so many bands seem to be told not to do that anymore, the vocals are softly exquisite and totally understated, and it's backed up by a great indie guitar sound and subtle shimmering electronica - I'd be happy with just indie guitars and vocals but hey, what do I know?

Anyway this is 'Leaves':

Our catchily entitled 'Sunday Non Nordic Indie' feature may return later today with something from the Philippines, or possibly from Croatia. And check out the 'Fanclub' Facebook page if you have chance:

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