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'Say Lou Lou' - new single 'Ana'

If truth be told we almost missed the new 'Say Lou Lou' track 'Ana' because of our normal organisational incompetence. But thankfully it was spotted just in time, and thank goodness we did, because I think everyone will really like it.

'Say Lou Lou' are a band we haven't had chance to feature before, they're an Australian / Swedish duo who've been around for a few years, and they were featured on the 'BBC Sound of 2014' longlist. But if they didn't have my attention previously, they certainly do now, as 'Ana' is an ice cool song, stylish, quirky and all underpinned by this cinematic instrumental backdrop - James Bond style sweeping strings from the 70's, with an almost sinister feel. And the vocals?? Just listen to the vocals....

This is 'Ana':

How good is that? Anyway 'Ana; is the first track from their album ‘Immortelle’, which will be out on September 21st via á Deux/Cosmos Music.

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