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'DSP Band' - with track 'Easy Going Guy'

We'll change the style of music slightly now with a few words about country influenced outfit 'DSP Band', who hail from Kvalsund in the far Northern reaches of Norway and who write country, americana and blues influenced music. 'Down South Pepper Band', to give them their full title, have been around for a while, and as often is the case with this style of music, it's not just the easy going melodies which are the attraction here, it's actually the lyrics which are really worthy of attention.

'Easy Going Guy' was originally released a while back and it creates these lovely images of characters in a family - the oil executive brother who has money but never seems to smile, the uptown girl sister and the father who had all the money he wanted but just 'never had the time', all compared to the songwriter, the 'easy going guy' who sits there happily getting 'stoned'. Of course the message is simple enough, money doesn't bring you happiness, but it's told in such a great way, and the jaunty musical accompaniments are impossible not to like, irrespective of your normal musical tastes.

This is 'Easy Going Guy':

DSP Band

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