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'Novel-Fae' - new track 'Coalesce'

Just one short track today on the 'penultimate' day before our annual Nordic Music Review break from writing - we'll be back later in August. And it is a thoughtful, weighty little song from the Swedish 'folk rock' artist 'Novel-Fae' (meaning 'an interpretation, a new beginning') entitled ''Coalesce', a new track further to the album 'From Fall to Roanoke' released last year.

Now I do make a bit of a joke sometimes about the number of tracks apparently written / recorded in a cabin or cottage In a remote part of Scandinavia (with only a mouse for company), but trust me, this absolutely sounds like it was. 'Novel-Fae' has the ability to shut the rest of the world completely out and totally capture your attention. 'Coalesce' ( a break up song) is just 2 minutes long, but it's as if he just wants to make a point and leave it there - it's thought provoking, melancholy and slightly unsettling lo-fi song, with the harshness of the guitars capturing the mood rather perfectly.

This is 'Coalesce':

It was probably slightly remiss of us not to cover 'From Fall to Roanoke' last year, but it's not too late to go and take a listen, because 'Novel-Fae' does have the ability to cerate unique and spellbinding music, and we hope you will give it a try.

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