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Introducing.... 'ilt' with track 'Monochromatic Fields'

It's always a struggle to get moving after summer vacation, it seems to trigger 'writers block' and general inertia, but we have to get moving or the backlog will just be totally absurd. So maybe the best way to kickstart things is to return to the genre of music I'm most comfortable and familiar with, and a brief introduction to a band who have been sitting on my new music playlist for the last few months.

'ilt' are from Denmark, and they are sit bang right in the middle of the post rock genre, writing music that makes no attempt to conform to radio friendly standards, but has a natural free flowing style built around the repetition of musical phrases and sudden bursts of post rock bliss. They've released just 2 tracks that I can find on streaming services, and the best to me is 'Monochromatic Fields', which was released earlier this year. The opening stages are dominated by hypnotic guitar patterns, before a transition into a contrasting section of intense 'noise' and then the longest of saxophone solos takes the track into conclusion. Although over 7 minutes long it never feels over long, and whilst I'm not sure I would want to hear an album full of indulgent saxophone solos, I really like this bands approach, and their natural organic style of songwriting.

This is 'Monochromatic Fields':

More recently the band released the track 'Astral', which can also be found on Spotify, and it looks like they're writing new material, so we hope to hear more material sometime soon. Please give 'ilt' a try, they're a band you need to invest some time in, but they are definitely a rewarding listen.

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