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'Maleen' - new track 'Sad Ironic'

I'm still slightly overcome by just how good the 'Belle Jar' release is, but we have a mountain of new releases to tell you about this week, and we'll start with something very different from the norm. 'Maleen' is a Danish singer songwriter who fuses together both rock and classical influences to create a distinct and original sound, as well as using the beauty and force of her natural surroundings as a backdrop to her music.

Similarly to many musicians of the current era, whilst 'Maleen' was inspired by rock music as a teenager, she was actually classically trained, performing in operas and churches as she developed as a singer. And a songwriter she's maintained that style and influence in her current songwriting, but joined this time by the brilliant Danish composer Frederik Magle, whom we've featured earlier in the summer, and who has arranged the music.

Now her new track 'Sad Ironic' took a tiny bit of adjusting to at first, simply because it is so different, but I like this for a number of reasons. Firstly this seems to be just 'way out there' melodically and that interests me, but I'm fascinated by the contrasting shades of darkness and light, the swirling instrumental and guitar sounds that add to the atmosphere and the power of the vocals. This is a dramatic song, powerful and compelling, and it will certainly capture your attention.

Take a listen to 'Sad Ironic' here:

You can find out lots more about 'Maleen' by visiting her in the following places:

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