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'The Oceans' - new track 'Song to Molly'

It has been a scandalously inefficient week of Nordic Music Review writing, but the music continues and we're delighted to head back to Denmark and a band who first made a really good impression when we wrote about them in July.

'The Oceans' are based around Dan Joe and Linus Valdemar, 2 Copenhagen based musicians who have combined to write upbeat indie music, which also favourably reminds me of a number of British indie bands from the last couple of decades. Their latest track 'Song to Molly' follows the pattern of the previously featured 'My Copenhagen Love', an upbeat celebration of life - those times you wake up full of energy and love for everything around you. It's accompanied by a typically vibrant and melodic feel, with a big chorus, and it's a great track for your latest music playlists.

This is 'Song to Molly':

I just can't ever imagine this band writing melancholy downtempo tracks, and we look forward to future releases. For more information please visit the following places:

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