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Simon Lynge - new track 'Age of Distraction'

We're a few days late covering the new track from Simon Lynge, so apologies for that, but good music with thoughtful messages stick around for an age, and his new track 'Age of Distraction' is definitely worth everyone taking a careful listen.

Hopefully most of you will be aware of Simon Lynge's songwriting, as 'Age of Distraction' is the first single off his fourth album. Born in Denmark, his family moved to Greenland at the age of 5, and it is the natural surroundings of adopted homeland which have clearly inspired his songwriting ever since. With plaudits across the music world, and appearances on BBC television through to Glastonbury he is widely respected, and the quiet anticipation ahead of his forthcoming album 'Deep Snow' which is due to be released on 23rd November is understandable.

I like 'Age of Distraction' so much, a lovely easy going melody sits above the beautiful sounding acoustic guitar and I could quite happily quote any line within the song to help emphasise the point it's making - ''we vote for leaders, killers and deceivers / maybe we're flying on a hijacked aeroplane'' sets out Lynge as he gets straight to the point at the start of the song, and then develops the thought process to relate it to us falling out of love with mother nature. Warm instrumentation then develops the track further, the wind section adding a depth and interesting texture, great to see them used rather than the now traditional string section.

I love the way that he's able to deliver such pointed phrases in such a soft mellow way. After all it's often best to listen to those who shout least and think most, especially when those in power are of the opposite mentality.

His new album 'Deep Snow' will be released on 23rd November through 'Integrity Records / Songcrafter Music'

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