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'JUNODEF' with new single 'Heights'

Swedish band 'JUNODEF' have actually been around since 2015, so it's typically remiss of us to have somehow missed them over the last 3 years, despite favourable coverage in 2 of our favourite independent music websites, 'For The Rabbits' and the ever excellent 'Revue'. Originally formed by Tyra Örnberg and Karin Grönkvist, they were later joined by drummer Norea Persson and pianist Rode Grönkvist and they've now based themselves in London - which probably shows how intent they are on making an impact.

There is, of course, a good collection of 'JUNODEF' music online to enjoy getting immersed into (try tracks such as 'Oktober' and 'Gold'), however their latest single is out today and it's entitled 'Heights'. and I use the word immersed because this is a band that draw you in with an almost hypnotic mix of dark melancholy drums and distorted guitars, before opening up with beautiful glimpses of captivating melodic vocals. In a way it's a heady complex mix of sounds, which the band somewhat somberly describe as post-death, but actually I find it fairly accessible and to an extent uplifting. Anyway forget the genre categorising, it's just really interesting, original but distinctly Nordic sounding music, which I really welcome being able to listen to.

This is 'Heights':

'JUNODEF' are also working to try and change the perception of gender and sexuality in the music industry, and such they have been working with organisations such as Girls Rock London to get young girls, trans and non-binary people to play music. For more information on the band and that organisation please see the links below.

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