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'Box of Flies' - track 'Then I Forgot' (from the album 'Why Do We Move so Slow&#

We like to mix up the styles, so after the delicacy of 'Sara Forslund' it feels essential to switch to a band who mostly play heavy, dirty grunge driven rock, and are almost the polar opposite of the musical spectrum. 'Box of Flies' (unfortunately they're not some weird offshoot of previously featured 'Army of Moths') are from 'Melhus', just a short drive from Trondheim and the 3 piece consisting of Tormod Brede, Eirik Estenstad and Henning Sigstad released an album on Arctic Fox Recordings called 'Why Do We Move So Slow' on August 31st.

We're going to point you in the direction of one particular track which is entitled 'Then I Forgot', which got a pretty good reaction from the NMR team when we finally got around to listening this week. The great thing about this track is simply the sound of the guitars, it opens with a thudding riff which then relentlessly drives the track forward. But actually the vocals work pretty well too, with a melody that heads off in a slightly different reaction than I was expecting, and that voice demonstrates a good versatility.

We'd recommend you give the album 'Why Do We Move So Slow' a try too, it mixes the heavier tracks such as 'Then I Forgot' and 'Gives me Nothing' with offerings such as 'There's Always a Better Way' and the particularly good '(Lost Friends) Under Water', which momentarily heads in the direction of early Major Parkinson. They can demonstrate a more subtle approach when they want, and actually the whole album is characterized by unusual and interesting melodic touches.

For more information on 'Box of Flies' please visit them in the following places. Sadly we're yet to find them on Twitter...

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