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Roxy Jules - track / video 'May the bridges I burn light the way' (from the album 'Roxy

Regular readers might be slightly thrown by the fact that we wrote a review last week of the new Rosa Jules EP (and very good it was too) , but today it is the turn of 'Roxy Jules' who recently released her 4th album, and which in line with her previous release, is entitled 'Roxy Jules IV.

Now this really is a fascinating album to get really stuck into. and I know I'm not even going to scratch the surface today, so we'll highlight a couple of our favourite tracks and then send you off in the direction of the full release. So for those of you who haven't come across 'Roxy Jules' before, it is the recording project of Julie Runa, previously of the bands SPEkTR and the brilliantly named Marybell Katastrophy. Hailing from the north western parts of Jutland. clearly the natural power and beauty of her surroundings was a real inspiration, whilst on this latest album 'Roxy Jules IV' her fascination of all matters scientific also comes to the forefront lyrically.

The album is a complex mix of dark melancholy instrumental sounds with glimpses of melodic vocal, and I love the musical influences that sit behind it, from Sonic Youth to My Bloody Valentine, and I'm guessing some Throwing Muses / Breeders type bands too. 'May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way' even has some 'Sisters of Mercy' style drumbeats to open the track, I love the intensity of the guitars and the sometimes wayward vocals that all seem to come together for just enough of a chorus to make the song attractive. It's really clever and compelling listening too.

Watch the video to 'May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way':

There 's so many other distinct and original sounding songs to listen to on this album, and I welcome the fact that it is not an 'easy listen'. I love the vocals on 'On the Verge of a Usual Mistake' whilst 'Restlessness' veers off the expected route completely. 'Rosa Jules IV' is definitely an album that will stay on my playlists for months to come, as there is so much detail in each track, and I highly recommend that everyone takes a listen.

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