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Sara Forslund - new tracks 'Summer is like a swallow' and 'Hard'

It has been rather a long time since we last heard new solo material from Sara Forslund, but we're delighted to be able to finally update you on what she's been up to, and share with you two tracks from her new album 'Summer is Like a Swallow'.

For those readers who've been with us since the early days, hopefully you'll remember her 'Water became wild' album, a beautifully delicate release which featured in our Albums of the Year list for 2015, and was just so well received from everyone who heard it. She also appeared in the first Nordic Music Review organised gig in Liverpool, performing entirely acoustically and demonstrating a really natural intensity live.

Anyway, we're not going to write too much about either 'Summer is a swallow' or 'Hard' because I hope we'll find time to do a full album review, and we will (again hopefully...) be doing an interview with Sara in the lead up to its release, but please take a listen and share them as widely as possible, because they are really beautiful songs. There is something really reassuring about her songwriting, and the intricacy of the flowing guitar and quality of vocals are so lovely to hear.

This is the video to 'Hard':

You can listen to 'Summer is a swallow' here:

The tracks have been co-produced by the legendary John Wood, who's worked with the likes of Pink Floyd and Nick Drake. The album will be released on November 9th via KAIP label (Sweden). It will be available on Vinyl & Digital.

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