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Alice Rose - new track 'Berlin is for Dreamers'

We love featuring contrasts in music, and after the murky beats and vocals of 'Pheeyownah' we present a fresh melodic sounding track from Danish songwriter Alice Rose, who is due to release a new album on 9th November (along it seems with everyone else...) charmingly entitled 'What To Do in the Rain'.

Alice Rose is yet another Nordic musician we've not yet featured even though she's released 3 studio albums to date, although in fairness the last one was released back in 2013, the year before we stumbled into existence. She is a true multi-instrumentalist who plays everything from violin to autoharp, and based on her extensive live performance history, she clearly lives and breathes music and poetry.

Her new track is entitled 'Berlin is for Dreamers' and as per the title, it is a tribute to a city where chaos and creativity seem to go 'hand in hand'. And it is those lyrics that firstly appeal to me so much, straight forward but also endearing, Alice Rose has the ability to paint lively images with her words - '' Utopia is here where the magic happens - like a child scientist naive and maddening''. Musically this represents a shift towards minimalist acoustic instrumentals for the songwriter, and it has a pureness and 'simplicity' which makes them appealing too - contributions from violin are well judged and understated, and the track is carried forward by a lovely melody that seems to suit the vocals well.

Take a listen to 'Berlin is for Dreamers':

Her new album 'What To Do In The Rain' will be released on November 9th through DIVINE RECORDS.

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