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Neondad - new track 'Bonobos'

Sadly time is against us this weekend, so just one track to add to your latest music playlists, and it's a welcome return from old favourites 'Neondad' whom we first featured back in 2014 when they released their album 'Off the Humdrum', the highlight of which was an excellent track curiously entitled 'I Fired a Contract Killer'. The 4 piece Finnish band from the city of Oulu have been on an extended break since the release of that album, but their new track 'Bonobos' announces their return, with more releases scheduled soon.

Many of you won't remember 'Neondad' (check out that album, it's pretty good), but they write and play atmospheric melodic indie rock, which I'd probably best describe as 'grown up' rock for those who don't necessarily like anything too hard hitting, but enjoy sweeping guitars, tunes and warm instrumentation. 'Bonobos' fits perfectly into that category and this will definitely grow on you as the track progresses, the melody slowly sinks in and should leave you with a reassured comforted feeling.

This is 'Bonobos':

We look forward to updating you on further 'Neondad' plans, meanwhile next week on Nordic Music Review we have our biggest ever week of music features planned... at least in theory...

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