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Terje Torkellsen - new track 'Sean'

We're really excited about the range of Nordic releases to bring you this week, and we'll start off with an artist we haven't had chance to feature before as a solo artist. Terje Torkellsen, also a member of bands such as Mats Wawa (whom we have featured), writes slightly offbeat alternative pop tracks influenced by all kinds of music, but his new track 'Sean' is a very specific eulogy to none other than Sean O'Hagan of the excellent High Llamas, Stereolab and Microdisney.

'Sean' is a curious track, which is probably why I like it so much, with a simple opening that makes no attempt to 'hook' you in with an obvious melody, and a blend of instruments which doesn't quite tie it down to a specific time, era or genre. Vocally it is understated with a meandering melody that is easy to listen to and the song has this simplicity, as if it's not trying to impress anyone, it's just been written with affection and respect.

Take a listen to 'Sean' here:

The song was released just last Friday, and you can find out more about the artist by visiting him on his Facebook page.

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