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'BF/C' with new track 'To Grace - Main Theme'

We love being able to feature contrasts in styles, and after the harder edged rock of 'Candide Baby', we'll switch direction to a really unusual composition by 'Californiaman', one half of the Swedish duo 'BF/C'. Again this doesn't quite fit into any specific genre, but what I can tell you is that it was written for a production of Lars Von Trier's 'Dogville', which has been playing at 'Folkteatern' in Gothenburg. 'BF/C' themselves are an indie electro duo whom I've been listening to this morning, and I guess I'd make the comparison with my favourite 'local' band 'Metronomy', with really clever swirling beats and rhythms, and always melodic too.

Anyway that all makes 'To Grace - Main Theme' even more interesting, as it is clearly very different, a stately rhythm is offered at the beginning, before the most delicious musical theme is introduced, and then developed with a mass of swirling instruments that I defy anyone to individually name through a quirky cacophony of sound. I love the changes in pace and dynamics and it is definitely a composition that you will have no idea quite where it's heading, but it always returns to small surges of intense melodic beauty that just brings a huge smile to my face. I do really like this very much, I guess it takes elements of folk and classical music in its writing, and the whole thing is beautifully and unusually arranged.

Please take a listen, this is 'To Grace - Main Theme':

Now I'm sure I've read somewhere that 'BF/C' have new music coming out soon, so please keep an eye out on their Facebook page to see if this is really true.

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