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'Candide Baby' - new track 'Mrs Gas Station Attendant'

The variety of genres we're covering this week continues today with 2 more bands / artists we haven't featured before, one neo-classically influenced, but firstly we head to Sweden for a band who fuse together a mix of alternative rock styles. 'Candide Baby' are another new band to Nordic Music Review, but they did release their debut EP last year entitled 'A Loser Inside Your Head', which contains 6 tracks and you can obviously still find it online.

They write highly charged music for 'the oppressed', with a 4 piece set up based around driving guitars and slightly wayward vocals that have real character as well as an edge. I guess in the musical spectrum they sit somewhere between Pixies, Joy Division with a hint of early New Model Army, and given these are 3 of my favourite bands, this was always going to be a good mix. 'Mrs Gas Station Attendant' is of a great name for a song, and it opens with a guitar line that reminds me so much of some of the 'gothic' influenced bands of the 80's, before the track charges off at breakneck pace. But of course, as I always say, it's the melodies which count, and this is a track which builds to a huge if slightly chaotic off kilter chorus. And I love the bass line that carries the track along.

This is 'Mrs Gas Station Attendant':

You can also check out the more measured 'Splinters' single on Spotify, and for more details on the band please visit their Facebook page.

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